NUCCA is a technique which focuses on the upper neck to move the head above and the entire spine below back to a balanced position. It uses mathematics, physics and engineering concepts to precisely move the entire spine by gently touching only part of the neck and using it as a lever. The NUCCA theory states that less than 1mm of upper neck shift is enough to cause spasm in the neck. Therefore, precision is essential in both X-ray taking and analysis. Due to this vital component, X-rays will be taken in the office on specialized equipment that has been calibrated for extreme precision. Since this technique is tailor made for your body's individual misalignment, patients never experience any twisting, cracking or snapping of the body framework. Other advantages of this procedure include safety, little pain, measurability, predictability, reliability and stability so the body can heal itself. For more information, visit

Note:  Spinal Specialists of Delaware is the only practice in the state of Delaware specializing in this highly effective and specific technique.



The Activator method has evolved from nearly 40 years of empirical study and 15 years of clinical research. This technique utlizes the latest advances in orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic examinations to discover joint dysfunction in the spinal column and extremities.  The Activator method is based on the understanding of body mechanics and force and that they are the key to understanding how to move bones. Extreme force is not necessary to correct misalignments of the spine as long as speed and correct line of drive is utilized. This is accomplished by using a small hand held device that delivers a specific dynamic thrust. The activator instrument controls the force and speed of the adjustment exceptionally well and allows the doctor to focus on the specific line of drive needed. Determination for a misaligned bone is based on "stressing" each individual bone in the spine by asking the patient to assume a position (ie. hand above your head, or hand behind your back). Each movement stresses the bone and if a malposition exists the doctor will note that one leg will draw shorten then the other. The bone will be moved and the patient will be re-tested. Once correction is made, the leg will no longer draw shorter. This allows for a scientific and reproducible sequence for each visit (allowing the doctor and patient to note improvement in the spine).

Note:  Spinal Specialists of Delaware is one of a few practices in the area that adhere and follow the Activator technique protocol.



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