Neck Pain Is Gone!

Dearest Dr. Burd,
I want to thank you very much for restoring mobility and eliminating pain from my neck area. I was just a couple of weeks from going under "the knife" when I was chatting at my jump seat with a fellow crew member, Poppy.  She listened to me complain about not being able to sleep or barely drive when she asked me to do one thing before considering surgery which was scheduled three weeks later.  She said there is a Dr. Deana Burd in Delaware (I live in DC) who she thinks could help me.  I still cannot believe that after about four months of chiropractic visits I am completely healed!  I have none of the original symptoms.  I am going to continue my visits, not as often just because I love Dr. Burd's personality and professionalism but also to keep my entire body feeling good.  Dr. Burd is like a "miracle worker" to me. 
M. McSween


I've been in front of a computer, probably since they have invented them.  When I had my daughter, I thought it was necessary to ask a doctor for help when my arms could not support her weight.  I could not pick up my own baby.  The pain was unbearable.  I was given muscle relaxers, a note for work to be out for two days and a pad in the back.  The pain came back again and again.  My daughter now four and the pain, still there.  My sister recommended Spinal Specialists of Delaware yet I was very hesitant.  I've never been to a chiropractor and I didn't see how she was going to help.  Now with my upper back burning form pain and the muscle relaxers not alleviating the pain, I decided it was time.  Spinal Specialists of Delaware not only made me feel comfortable, but also explained to me the reason why I was hurting and what she would do about it.  Ever since, my pain is gone, I do my job with a better attitude and I enjoy playing games with my daughter.  My only regret, "I wish I had come sooner."  Spinal Specialists of Delaware has changed my life.  I don't miss any opportunity I have to tell my family and friends/ coworkers about it.  I will recommend Spinal Specialists of Delaware to all of those whom have tried everything, but especially to thSpinal Specialists of Delaware ose whom have tried nothing.  It can get better.  Don't waste your time. Thank you Spinal Specialists of Delaware .
T. Navarro


And Loving Life

I have experienced joint and muscle pain along with irritable bowel disease, and sleep deprivation for the last five years. My family doctor believed I had a little bone loss and perhaps arthritis. In June 2003 my family doctor sent me to a rheumatologist who diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. I cried. I believed fibromyalgia was the disease of hypochondriacs. Dr. Rocca (rheumatologist) told me not to worry, "The good news is it won't kill you. The bad news is that there is no cure and specialists do not know what causes it or how to treat it."
A friend told me about chiropractics and recommended her doctors at Spinal Specialists of Delaware . My pain has been reduced, I have a more healthy diet, my irritable bowel has subsided, I have lost weight to take pressure off my knees, and I am exercising regularly - focusing on strength and flexibility. I am sleeping better, look and feel better. I even have "pain free" days once in a while. I am a new person. I like myself.
In the beginning I would not have believed all of this progress possible in only a few months. Spinal Specialists of Delaware has literally and figuratively "saved my life." I was previously at the point of hopelessness and despair. Why go on if pain was all I had to look forward to? Now I am a happier more peaceful person. I am looking forward to a new twice a week Yoga class. Life is good and there is much for which to be grateful.


"Forever Thankful"

I have suffered from Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia (numbness, electrical shock feelings and pain in my face) for over 2 years.  I have seen numerous physicians, specialists, even acupuncturists and was told that I had a brain tumor, shingles and any other ailment you can think of.After a year of pain medication so strong that my liver shut down, I made the personal decision to stop all meds (which never helped at all - they just made me sick_ and deal with the pain so I could live my life again. As the pain got worse and worse I searched the internet for possible solutions.  It was there I found Dr. Burd.  Not wanting to put too much hope in the treatment, I drove the 60 minutes to come see her.  After 2 treatments my pain was dramatically reduced and now almost 3 months later I am nearly pain free!I could never explain how much of an impact this treatment has made on my life.  I will be forever thankful to Dr. Burd for her healing hands and kind worlds which have stopped the nightmare of pain I was living in.
 Kristin H.


"I am no longer in pain"

My name is Luigi Parisi.  I have a story to tell.  I have been in 3 car accidents and have in the past encountered back problems.  Since then I started to go to see doctors at Spinal Specialists of Delaware and they relieved my pain in a matter of days with her chiropractic skills.  I truly believed in my heart going to a chiropractor is the best remedy for back injuries.  I am so grateful to Spinal Specialists of Delaware when other medical professionals could not relieve my pain they were the only medical professionals that got rid of my back problem.  In closing, the doctors took a special interest in her patients.  I am living proof because I am no longer in pain.   ~Luigi P.


"Recovering Without Pain and Medication"

I had received a shoulder injury in May 2005 and my doctor sent me to physical therapy.  After two and a half months, the therapist and the doctor could not produce a solid diagnosis or cure.  Finally, I was referred to Spinal Specialists of Delaware toward the end of July.  When I was given the initial examination, the doctor was able to give me the diagnosis and the plan for the cure.  Spinal Specialists of Delaware has always taken extra time to help me with any questions or concerns. They are a shining example of what a professional is within the medical field.  It is because of Spinal Specialists of Delaware I am recovering from the shoulder injury without pain and medication.  They are the best!      ~Jeaniene S.


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